GIDCCO - Guardian Integrated Development and Child Care Organization

About Us

GIDCCO Uganda is an independent, indigenous Community based Organization providing education, and foster families for orphans whose parents died of AIDS; and also supporting foster families and widows of AIDS victims through counselling, material support and school dues. About as The Genesis The Guardian Integrated Development and Child Care Organization is an indigenous Community based Organization of Guardians, who have come up to form a strong pressure group, to voice their concerns about rising disadvantaged, needy, and Vulnerable Children, by the sharing the Gospel of Christ and disciplining them throughout the country.

Governance Gidcco is lead by the Board of Directors, an Executive Committee and a National Secretariat headed by the Executive director.

Methods of Empowerment Gidcco works with guardians, Religious leaders and local communities to identify viable activities that contributes to the empowerment of children to become self reliant, protective and be able to access their rights. Gidcco