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About Us

Challenge:Future (C:F) is an online platform for Global Students Innovation Competitions and Youth Think Tank creating a community of talent and ideas for sustainable world.

Prizes The winning team of the C:F Annual Competition is receiving EUR 20.000 Grand Award.

On C:F platform students gain profound experience. They are encouraged to think about future and impact it in a positive way through participating in dialogues and projects, interacting and getting to know C:F Community.

Important part of C:F is network of university-based chapters are run by students. Chapters’ main mission is to spread awareness of Challenge: Future, and create local impact. Find a Chapter near you:

Ways to participate

  • The C:F Competition-at the heart of the think tank is the C:F Global Student Innovation Competition – the leading global web-based contest, built on the principles of open innovation and open collaboration, that invites students form teams and to find practical solutions to global business and social topics
  • Aside the main competition, C:F runs exciting and provocative Quick Challenges on various hot topics, encouraging creativity and innovations, promoting open dialogue and providing solutions for a more sustainable, better world.
  • All competitions concludes with a live event-Challenge:Future Academy and Summit, a life-changing event connecting the most innovative youth, pioneering businesses, policy leaders and other change makers in dialogue, reflection, and action.

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