Group For Rural Alternative Movement

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48/12, N.S.C. BOSE ROAD

About Us

An organisation to save and develop interests of poor schedule tribe and minorities in West Bengal.

GRAM (Group For Rural Alternative Movement) is completely a non-political organization. It is doing social work among poor SCHEDULED TRIBE & BACKWARD CLASS people of West Bengal and helping them to survive against poverty. It fights for the rights of these poor people.

NAYACHAR -- At present it is working among the poor residents of NAYACHAR, the once uninhabited island on the Hooghly river, owned by the state government and administered by its fisheries department, now has some 5,000 settlers spreaded over 64 sq. km. Earlier the name of this island was 'AGUN MARIR CHAR'. Thousands of homeless and financially very poor people are the main residents of this island for last 50-60 years. Their main food is crabs & fish. They do not have any school, hospitals, roads, transports. On top of everything there is acute shortage of drinking water on this island. GRAM has dedicated social workers, who are continuously working to help them out in their distress.

SUNDERBAN -- At Sunderban many minority tribe people live who has a ancient history of DANDAKARANYA. Some of them are living in very poor state. Our Social Workers are helping them and fighting for their rights.