The Global Christian Taskforce

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About Us

The Global Christian Taskforce exists to serve the orphans, widows, the homeless and hungry, and the victims of injustice all over the planet as a unified Christian family. We are servants to a higher calling of protecting the weak, defending the innocent, and bringing hope, joy and the encouragement of the Good News of Jesus Christ to every part of the world.

Our mission is to create and maintain a database of Christian volunteers who are interested in serving in various aspects of ministry such as prayer and financial support, and short and long-term missions. We will simultaneously create a global network of churches, universities and non-profits that are working on current ministry efforts. We will then help streamline and coordinate the ministries to work together on one annual large-scale outreach project. We will coordinate and marshall funding and Christian volunteers to serve the yearly ministry project with the coalition of churches, universities and non-profits as well as seeking to provide emergency responde during natural disasters.