World Organization for Human Rights USA

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About Us

At the World Organization for Human Rights USA we focus exclusively on human rights in the United States and use cutting edge litigation to promote compliance with human rights norms.

At Human Rights USA, we are:

  • The only group that has successfully challenged the U.S. policy of “rendition to torture” in court;
  • The first group to secure precedent-setting decisions extending refugee status to women protecting their daughters from female genital mutilation;
  • The first group to file a lawsuit against a major Internet Service Provider, holding the US-based company liable for its role in human rights abuses;
  • The first group to report regularly to the United Nations on U.S. compliance with the major international human rights treaties;
  • The first group to successfully sue a sitting head of state in U.S. courts for human rights abuses; and
  • The first group to challenge diplomatic assurances in a U.S. deportation to torture case.

Please visit our website for more information on our work and opportunities for you to get involved: