Buddha's Light Universal Welfare Society(BLUWS)

About Us

The Buddha's Light Universal Welfare Society (BLUWS) is a non-political,non-sectarian and non profit NGO aiming at education, world peace, unity and prosperity for all irrespective of religion,race and sex.The main aims and objectives of the Buddha's Light Universal Welfare Society:

1.To support and provide general,vocational, spiritual and moral education for the poor,destitute,meritorious and orphan children.(Education) 2.To support universal peace accordiing to Lord Buddh's "Non-violence" message.(Peace) 3.To support towards unification of all nations,races, religions for a harmonious globe.(Unity) 4.To support all activites that do not harm anyone and result in happiness,welfare,developmet for all.(Prosperity) 5.To cooperate with the organizations working for the same ends.

Our prayer: "May all beings in the world be well,happy,peaceful and free from all sufferings." Sadhu! (Rejoice)

We welcome your advice and support to acheive our aims and objectives