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In developing nations throughout the world, thousands of children have been left disenfranchised by political turmoil, economic strife, poor health conditions and the lack of a social support system. The families and communities children rely on for their most basic needs are deteriorating at the hands of disease, hunger and war. The desperate circumstances in which these children find themselves create a persistent need for high quality care – care that is currently not being adequately provided. In order to meet this growing demand, resourceful and creative solutions must be found.

Yasha is a global foundation, based in the United States, deeply committed to the promotion, creation and support of innovative human services programs throughout South East Asia and other developing countries. The foundation fulfills this commitment through a combination of strategic grant making, technical assistance, research, and information sharing.

The core of Yasha’s activities is supporting children's services. These include infant care, orphaned children's support services, education, assessment and skills training, job placement, and mediation. Political turmoil, economic strife, poor health conditions and the lack of a social support system have left children in developing nations severely deprived, creating a persistent need for innovative and high-quality care.

Current programs are concentrated mainly on the Indonesian archipelago, where war and poor living conditions have left a large number of children in severe need of care. In Indonesia, Yasha is engaged with several orphanages in Java, an infants' home in Jakarta, and a nationwide children's outreach program. This program targets school-aged children in need of financial, academic and moral support and proved them with the support and encouragement needed to achieve their full potential. In addition, future projects are already being planned in other countries with needs of the same caliber, including India and several sub-Saharan African countries. Wherever Yasha provides support, there is always an emphasis on building innovative programs that meet and exceed the needs of those children in the most distressed and dire circumstances.

Through their support and guidance of these innovative projects, Yasha invests in the futures of disadvantaged children worldwide. These projects yield tangible contributions to society in three principal ways:

· Improved Social Support Networks: In nations that lack a robust social services sector, extended families, villages and the community form a vital safety net. Yasha believes that the success of child-care organizations in developing nations depends on forging, reaching out to and in some instances creating such social support networks.

· Economic Development: The economies of developing nations suffer from many obstacles-corruption, lack of private investment and oblique legal systems. At the root of all these problems is the lack of a skilled, motivated and educated workforce. Yasha looks to develop and build on projects that focus on developing core skills and competencies in young adults, in tandem with addressing their physical and emotional needs.

· Political Stability: a child's mental stability is a very vulnerable thing. Children who have lost or become estranged from their families have witnessed and experienced situations that would be unimaginable for people living in more developed nations. Their long-term mental health may be dramatically jeopardized. In developing nations where there tend to be large, unprecedented populations of such children, there is a serious risk to the political stability and overall health of the nation. To deal with this problem, Yasha uses community style guidance and counseling to relieve traumatized children of the burden that would otherwise continually haunt them, their loved ones, and society as a whole.

These ultimate goals drive every project Yasha undertakes, and are shared by every organization that receives its support, as well as by those individuals and organizations that support Yasha.