Reaching Over Boundaries

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About Us

Reaching Over Boundaries is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 that seeks to service urban adolescents between the ages of 12-17. These youth are at a critical stage in life as they are either entering high school or exiting high school hopefully preparing to go to college. It is during this time that we believe their views on the world around them can still be shaped and we can help to produce productive, positive, citizens in our communities.

Reaching Over Boundaries also focuses on intervention for the youth and young adults who’ve been incarcerated, who have succumbed to some of the pit falls of life such as drugs, gangs, etc but desire to go in a different direction. Our focus is prevention and intervention in the lives of the youth and young adults we serve in our inner-city urban communities.

Some of the ways we teach prevention are by teaching adolescent male and females who sometimes lack immediate role models the importance of education, staying away from drugs and gangs, abstinence, goal setting, and trips (i.e. camping, fishing, college tours) to just name a few.

We also go into schools to identify those who have been truant, displaying behavioral problems, or have been identified as at risk. Also, we offer the arts (i.e. music, dance, poetry, etc), as some of the methods we employ to impact the mind and will of the youth and young adults we serve.

To show the youth and young adults we seek to serve that there are no boundaries, which they cannot overcome in life regardless of race, culture, education, community they live in, socio-economic status, or any other self-imposed or external barriers.

We do this thru mentorships, education, life skills training, and a plethora of various programs using a hands on approach to engage the population we serve for measurable and maximum results.