Journeys to Understanding

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About Us

Journeys to Understanding is a new NGO that addresses international interfaith dialogue through Immersion Journeys designed to connect citizen diplomats in the United States and the Muslim world. As we arrive upon the 10th Remembrance of 9/11 events, we see a world that is not in harmony and comfort in its national and global understanding of the issues of faith and religion. If we are to begin a new season of healing and cooperation, the world needs a new narrative.

Journeys to Understanding operates from the belief that all people are interconnected - bound by a common human experience that transcends theology, geography, and politics - seeking to live in harmony. Journeys to Understanding™ seeks to advance this goal through a unique program of education and experience that combines an intensive travel component called Immersion Journeys with high quality educational media resources and real-time social networking. Developed by seasoned program designers, media professionals, and NGO project managers, Journeys to Understanding™ goes beyond interfaith dialogue, forging genuine relationships and opportunities for sustained growth and cooperation.