RainforestAid09 Music Festival

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About Us

RainforestAid 09 Volunteer Opportunity Summer Solstice June 2009

Community Collaborations International has been completing sustainable development projects in Costa Rica for over five years. We have built trails in National Parks, helped with sea turtle conservation, repaired rural schools, helped with community recycling, and cleaned streams.

We have built a solid reputation for effective and well organized volunteer teams who work hard and get the job done.

The organizers of the first annual RainforestAid Music Festival heard about CC International’s work in Costa Rica and have asked us to provide thirty volunteers to support the event. We are excited about the opportunity to be one of the founding organizations of the RainforestAid Music Festival which will raise funds for ongoing rainforest conservation efforts.

We are currently recruiting volunteer team leaders and team members.

If you want to be part of this exciting project in the Costa Rican rainforest

Check out the project website: http://www.communitycollaborations.org/rainforest.html

Fill out the online application: http://www.communitycollaborations.org/rainforest-application.php

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