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About Us

Small Acts is a non-governmental, not-for-profit corporation that works directly with the children of Jamaica to provide emergency relief, sustainable opportunity, and global education by using the most straightforward approach possible.

With your donations, we are able to provide needed materials for Jamaican youth.Your donations go directly to needy orphanages, rural schools and families with limited or no resources.When possible, we purchase these materials in Jamaica from local business owners, helping the Jamaican economy and eliminating the expense of shipments.

We work to better the lives of children with AIDS/HIV living in institutions, teen mothers who are often victims of abuse and neglect, children with disabilities, at-risk families and community-run schools. We network with other organizations to maximize our efforts and promote education about the current situation in Jamaica.

Small Acts was born out of a life-changing vacation that inspired us to give back to the people of Jamaica. In the spirit of that experience, Small Acts encourages those traveling to Jamaica to consider spending part of their vacation by volunteering at a local orphanage, school, or church. Not only will the people of Jamaica benefit, but you will discover a deeper Jamaican experience and memories that will last a lifetime.