Association DARELOUAD

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15, Avenue Hassan II

About Us

The Darelouad association (Dar El Oued or Dar El Ouad or Darelouad according to the various transcriptions in latin characters or "دار الواد "in Moroccan language, meaning "River House") has been established with the ambition to improve the living conditions of the inhabitants of both hamlets of Darelouad and Tatoult, of the surrounding hamlets and of the peoples of this region of the North of Morocco called Western Rif.

The association has been formed under the "1958 Freedom Law", on November 9th, 2013 in the hamlet (dshar in the local language, the douar in Moroccan) of Dar El Oued between:

  • The inhabitants of the hamlets of Dar El Oued and Tatoult;
  • Natives of the two hamlets and of the Region.

The association is a non-governmental (NGO) and not for profit organization. Membership is open to all, as far as the member subscribes to the values and to the objectives defined in the Articles of Association and to the internal rules.