The Club of Volunteers

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About Us

The Club of Volunteers is a non-profit organization run by volunteers united by a desire to support children in orphanages and social care institutions of Russia, who have come to be in a difficult life situation.

The Club organizes different social events to support education and social adaptation of orphans, such as training sessions run by volunteers and master-classes focused on developing creativity and learning, training in social skills and interactions, etc. The aim of the trainings is to acquire new knowledge and skills, promote healthy lifestyle, prevent negative influence and help children to develop their individuality and increase self-confidence.

Conducting classes for high school students, volunteers focus on developing social skills of teenagers and career guidance. Work with children from secondary school focuses on cultural education and the development of general skills: creativity, learning and physical abilities, musical talents and technical skills, while work with small kids based on developing their psycho-motor and mental functions, such as cognition, attention, memory and perception. The knowledge and skills that children receive in the lessons increase their efficiency in different activities in the future.

At present the Club of Volunteers has a unique database of master-classes and a wide experience of conducting them for several years during constant work with children demonstrating successful integration of these activities into the education system.

Come and join us. Together we can achieve more!