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About Us

Imagine Soap addresses challenges to public health, unemployment, poverty, and education by empowering local entrepreneurs in developing nations, to reduce hygiene-­related illness among the world’s poor by increasing access to soap.

Two gallons of purified cooking oil combined with lye and water, can meet a family's handwashing needs for a year. We recruit entrepreneurs and train them to produce, market and sell soap while promoting hygiene.  Some of our soap is made from upcycled cooking oil that we reclaim from local vendors.  We offer entrepreneurs a business in a bag financed by us, containing all the products and materials they need to run their businesses. We offer logistics solutions, ongoing training, and marketing strategies to help agents become profitable while bringing soap to homes at 10% to 40% below market. After 3 months, as agents become profitable, they start to pay back the cost of their materials through a 20% profit sharing arrangement, helping us to launch more branches of at least 20 agents throughout the target region, building a self-funded and replicable model.