Friends of Wild Iris

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802 W University Ave
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About Us

Friends of Wild Iris is a non-profit organization created to support the community space traditionally represented by Wild Iris Books. We have found that the mission of a "safe space" for our community often differs from the motive of a for-profit organization. We want to continue to provide a community center for the sharing of ideas and exploration of how we can better impact our society.

Mission Statement:

To create social, educational and cultural opportunities to empower a diverse feminist community.

Vision Statement:

The Friends of Wild Iris envision a community of empowered people who inspire each other to reach higher levels of self-actualization through celebration of our diversity and appreciation for the inherent value of all people.

Strategic Goals

1. To create an organizational structure to empower people to be involved in programs and activities for the Friends of Wild Iris 2. To develop financial support for programs and services for Friends of Wild Iris and ensure ongoing financial stability of the organization. 3. To identify, implement and raise awareness for programs that support opportunities related to the mission statement and vision of the organization. 4. To establish a grant fund for support of local artists, educators and activists in pursuit of feminist and multicultural activities within the community. 5. To identify, plan and build future programs and services that meet the Friends of Wild Iris mission statement, including developing relationships with like-minded organizations.