About Us


VISION: To seek the lost through church planting, evangelism and training.

MISSION: To go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son and the Holy Spirit.. Mathew 28:19

CORE VALUES: We are guided by love, passion to help people and embrace partnership Spirit.


This ministry was founded in 1989 through prayers and God’s wonders. Bishop Simon Choke was called to pray for the dead woman named Keshia Lusweti who had been sick for 18 years. Through prayers God raised the dead woman and healed her until today. This was the beginning of the church, called Discipleship Mission.

From 1989 to 2008 the work of God were added effectively the number of those who were being saved, churches were opened in different regions and the number grew up to 40 churches.

Currently Discipleship Mission has extended to East Africa; Tanzania and Kenya.

The challenges pastors face in serving on voluntary basis, the ministry right in the interior and remotest region of the country where the populace is very poor, it is extremely hard to meet all the needs of the church.

However, we are facilitated and motivated by the donations of Christian brothers and sisters who get touched with our ministry and outreach activities.


-Lack of an income generating activity. -Uncompleted church buildings/plots -Poverty in the region of operation and among church members. -Lack of means for the support of pastors in terms of traveling and their own upkeep.


-Development community projects -Building Bible School -Orphanage -Nursing home (medical clinic) -Church construction


In view of the constraints listed above, we the Board and the lay members constituting Discipleship Mission hereby humbly request for your Godly intervention in terms of empowerment and otherwise we desperately need a brother/ sister to partner with us for the good of God’s course.

God Bless you.