Wish Child Welfare

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Riffa, Bahrain


About Us


Wish Child Welfare is a child welfare system that provides comprehensive and caring services to children, youth and families. Wish Child Welfare is committed to work towards improving the lives and opportunities for children in need through their programs and activities.


The main goal of this foundation is to focus our energy on improving the lives of orphans and children with special needs in Bahrain. This aim is carried out through the activities & programs of the foundation, which include fund-raisers, support programs, and awareness campaigns.

Current Programs

1) Youth Service Program

This program, in collaboration with the Royal Charity Organization, is an attempt to improve the lives of children in need, essentially youth aged 6 to 12 coming from a single parent home, by providing and developing community and academic activities taking place for 2-4 hours weekly and carried out by selected volunteers.

2) Human Rights Education Program

In collaboration with the ministry of education, we are planning to introduce a human rights education curriculum into the public schools of Bahrain in an informal and interactive manner.