Alma Linguae Academies, Inc.

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P. O. Box 382188
United States

About Us

- The Alma Linguae Academies, Inc. (ALAS) is a recognized and well-respected 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1). Founded and registered in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

- Alma Linguae Academies, Inc. is a community-based, educational organization providing first-rate ESL courses, and other educational services for immigrants from Central & South America living in the Boston and Greater-Boston areas. The organization's main aim is to improve the overall well-being of our constituents by means of quality education.


- ALAS' administrative offices are located in Cambridge.

- Furthermore, ALAS wishes to be at the service of the individual and society in order to promote preeminence of moral behavior, encourage self-reflection in the person and advocate leading a higher life.

- As we create new educational programs through the Alma Linguae Academies, and provide first-rate educational opportunities such as English as a Second Language (ESL)courses, Literacy Programs, among others, to underserved minorities, it is important that we learn the views of citizens like you who are deeply concerned about the future well-being of this country, and who would like to help building a better, more inclusive and diversed America.