Providencia Learning Center

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Providencia de Dota

Costa Rica

About Us

Providencia Learning Center is a forward thinking educational program which seeks to improve educational options for kids in remote Costa Rican communities. An American Homeschool curriculum as well as the ICER correspondence program are used to provide a context and continuity to our learning program. Our students learn: A Full Academic Curriculum, English, Spanish, Computer Skills, Moral Values, vocational skills (carpentry, electricity, welding, mechanics), Self Motivation, and Outdoor Skills(climbing, camping, etc.)

In contrast with the authoritarian institutional educational models of the past, we emphasize the concepts of personal connection and collaboration as the pathway to success in a networked world.

Our program is run by the generous donations of time, food, hospitality and talent by local community members and the amazing contributions of many volunteers from around the world.

Nicely complimenting the academic aspect, climbing, bouldering, outdoor field trips, and close contact with home stay volunteers has given our students an opportunity to expand their spiritual, cultural, physical, and intellectual horizons in amazing ways.