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In 2014, a report by the UCLA Civil Rights Project found New York State's public schools to be the most segregated schools in the country.  Despite the 1954 victory of Brown v. Board of Education, NYC schools currently serve 1.1 million students in separate and unequal schools. 

IntegrateNYC4me believes that we can transform this reality.  

The mission of IntegrateNYC4me is to engage school communities around NYC in transforming New York City from a system of segregated, unequal schools to a system of integrated, sound, equitable schools.  We are committed to bringing the rich diversity of our city into our schools through collaborative school projects and civic engagement.   We seek to engage school communities with political leaders, academics, advocates, and artists to take part in the transformative work of integration and to build the relationships necessary to create and sustain integration across historically separated schools.

IntegrateNYC4me believes in taking action in three areas: 1. Doing responsible Research, 2. Engaging local government officials, and 3. Connecting NYC Public School Communities.  

1. IntegrateNYC4me collects data on the current distribution of students and resources in NYC schools.  We believe it is key to both track the integration of students across race and class, while also reporting on the quality of school environment in order to hold the NYC DOE accountable for diverse, equitable schools.  

2. IntegrateNYC4me engages school communities with local district reps and city council members to build political collaboration and awareness around the everyday experiences and learning environments of NYC students.

3. IntegrateNYC4me facilitates school-to-school exchanges and collaborative projects between schools to build relationships across historically segregated schools while engaging students in the work of raising awareness, engaging politicians, and living out the possibility of connection.