Friends of the Lifers Youth Corp.

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152-154 Martin Luther King Drive
Jersey City
United States

About Us

The Friends of the Lifers Youth Corp. (FOLYC), established in 1992, is a Hudson County-based non-profit with over 20 years of hands-on experience in assisting the reentry population and at-risk youth in obtaining the necessary skills and support to establish positive relationships with their families, employment opportunities and the social supports critical to instill a love of learning, community involvement and self-sufficiency. FOLYC focuses on teaming with community organizations, social service agencies, and the Division of Criminal Justice to provide the widest array of prevention measures, support services and reintegration assistance. FOLYC is a holistic grass-roots organization that provides clients with hygiene starter packs, professional clothing, groceries and meal planning, bedding and furniture, financial planning and money management, child support awareness, fatherhood mentoring, social support and drug counseling, and gang intervention, while also working to improve neighborhood conditions, stimulate job growth and create housing opportunities. FOLYC has worked to rehabilitate defunct property in Jersey City. Through an apprenticeship program, formerly incarcerated clients worked to restore these buildings, helping them to acquire hard skills while allowing them to be agents in the improvement of their own community. Moreover, FOLYC is in the process of opening a full-service catering and culinary restaurant based in Jersey City which will serve as a training ground for our clients. Another project in the pipeline is our Greenhouse Project—a hydroponic greenhouse for herbs and vegetables. This will literally help plant the seeds for success in our community and allow us to create more jobs and educational opportunities for our local youth.