National Institute for Sustainable Development (N.I.S.D.)

PUNE., India
Joined in August 2002

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ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE INCLUDING OBJECTIVES AND MAJOR ACTIVITIES: N.I.S.D. - A Dedicated & Committed Voluntary Organization For Rural Development. N.I.S.D. is a registered, non-profit, secular, voluntary organization working for rural development.

Established in July,1992, N.I.S.D. is working for the uplift of rural poor masses, especially the Bidi Workers and the displaced persons due to irrigation projects. Presently NISD's project activities are concentrated in the rural areas of Ahmednagar and Pune districts.

Vision, Mission and Goals of the institution " We want a world where inequality based on class, gender and religion is absent and no person will get exploited by any one. We want a world where basic needs become basic rights and where poverty and all forms of exploitation are eliminated. Each person will have the opportunity to develop her or his full potential and creativity, which will lead him/her towards sustainable development."

In both the areas, i.e. Bidi Rolling and Displacement, people are angry against the Government, officers or owners Bidi Factories owners and their staff, due to their exploitation. Instead of making people hostile against the Government and the Bidi Factory Owners, NISD tried to work with these poor people, organised them and implemented concrete activities that bring positive changes and comforts in their lives. We made use of their unity for their development. NISD created positive thinking that if they come together, work together, give their money, labour and active participation without depending that on others they can solve their problems and live with dignity and self respect. We created confidence among them and told them that NISD is ready to work with them, guide them, and support them wherever possible to fill the gaps. Since beginning we have been created an habit among these people to contribute in each and every item and be an active partner of these development efforts.

PROJECT BEING IMPLEMENTED AT PRESENT: NISD implements its programs in two different geographical areas, for the bidi workers and for the displaced people. NISD works in Sangamner taluka ( Ahmednagar District) & Junnar talukas.( Pune District)

At Sangamner we are running following programs for the bidi workers and their children BIDI WORKER'S PROJECT: ( In Sangamner tahsil of Ahmednagar District) Saving Groups: NISD organized bidi workers. 50 SHGs formed. Their turn over is 20 lakh rupees. Leadership Development : NISD provides opportunities to SHG members to develop leadership qualities. Literacy Classes : NISD run literacy classes for these workers. Imbibing Awareness: NISD regularly organizes educational and imbibing programmes on nutrition, child development, health, sanitation, their rights, tobacco dangers etc. Child Development Activities : NISD regularly organizes educational and recreational programmes for the children-both school going and dropouts. NISD runs 8 crèches for bidi worker's children, play center in 5 villages, run library and creating awareness about the child labors. Income Generation : To support the biddy worker's meager income, NISD has provided financial assistance to the biddy workers and helped them in starting their income generating units. Tea shop, bangle shop, cloth selling, goatery, poultry, sale of mattress, vessel lending, cutlery shop, hair cutting saloon etc. are the major units established. Health Care Programmes: NISD organizes regular health education programmes by using audio-visual equipments. NISD's doctor pays visits to biddy factories. Specialized health camps are organized for biddy workers. We also run the Reproductive Child Health Programme that supports the pregnant, lactating mothers and the infants. Sponsorship Program for Children: Under CCF sponsorship program we are supporting 602 children.

RESETTLEMENT & REHABILITATION: i. Organizing & Strengthening Saving Group: NISD organized 23 SHGs of these displaced women & build a strong network by forming a Mahasangh "FEDERATION". There turnover is more than 5 lakh rupees. ii. Leadership Development : NISD provides opportunities to local people, particularly to the women, to come together & share their problems. It also gives them "we feeling" and strength to fight with their problems. iii. Awareness Creation : We organized a number of awareness creation programmes for the displaced persons. Such as Income Generation, rights of the PAPs, different Govt. schemes, social issues, child development etc. iv. Co ordination of other departments/agency's schemes & Income Generation: We approached Govt. department & coordinate with DWACRA, Z.P., Tribal Development Dept & others for oustees benefits. vi. Land Development : Land leveling' keeps prime most important for proper rehabilitation of PAPs, NISD, with help of like minded agencies like CFLI, the Australian High Commission, IGSSS etc, concentrated on it & so far leveled 350 acre of lands. (For details please see our activity reports etc. that are self-explanatory.)

ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE INCLUDING OBJECTIVES AND MAJOR ACTIVITIES: N.I.S.D. - A Dedicated & Committed Voluntary Organization For Rural Development. N.I.S.D. is a registered, non-profit, secular, voluntary organization working for rural…

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  • SUNDER, H.N. 560,SURVEY NO. 21/1, SAINIKWADI, WADGAONSHERI, PUNE., None 411 014., India

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