Unity Corps, Inc.

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P.O. Box 29219
Los Angeles
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About Us

The specific purpose of Unity Corps is to unite individuals and groups of many backgrounds into a mindset of appreciation for our oneness (as human beings) while instilling a respect for cultural diversity within society. Peace and unity amongst all people despite our great diversity of various ethnic, political, religious/spiritual, and sexually identities is the overall goal. This task entails a concerted effort to increase the representation and understanding of all people beyond the standard practices of current mass media - primarily through utilization of the arts, assemblage, literature, media and other means of goodwill. This organization is an extremely strong advocate for increasing the diversity of people being represented in many areas of society. We are specifically targeting the arts and the representation(s) of human culture in media. Simply put, the mission of Unity Corps is to end widespread societal discriminations and prejudice toward all human beings.