Broward Anti War Coalition

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Ft. Lauderdale

United States

About Us

The Broward Anti War Coalition(BAWC) is a non-partisan, democratically run, grass-roots org. We welcome members of like-minded orgs and first time activists. We think globally, act locally, and work with others to create nonviolent inter-national actions to achieve peace and social justice. With varied backgrounds and viewpoints, we unite in opposition to a U.S. foreign policy that dominates and attacks countries to benefit Big Business and financial elites. We oppose miltary occupations of Afganistan and Iraq, and all militaristic aggression. We defend the Bill of Rights and seek to overturn restrictions on civil liberties. BAWC is against all forms of racism and anti-immigration activities and policies that promote economic and social neglect of US citizens. BAWC welcomes all sharing these principles to participate fully. .