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Kathmandu, Nepal, Nepal
Joined in September 2002

About Us

"The Samaritans Nepal" a non-governmental, non-profitable, social organization has been working in Nepal with some psychiatric social workers. The organization registered under the section 4 of Registration Act 2034 and section 13 of Social Welfare Act 2049 of His Majesty's government of Nepal and has already carried out its initial work.

The primary aim of the Samaritans is to provide confidential and emotional support to those who are passing through depression, distress including those which may lead to suicide. The Samaritans also seeks to alleviate human misery, loneliness by listening to and befriending those who feel that they have no one else to listen, understand and accept them. This organization is unique because its service is available 24 hours through day and night all the year round. This organization provide free medical assistance if required.

We believe that youth are usually emotional, in view of peer's pressure; they need psychological counseling and support. This understanding and services should be provided to the youth in order to youth suicide control and prevention.

It also works to support through visit to local prisons and offer of emotional supports directly to the prisoners who have been suffering from depression or other mental illness and provide medical help if required. Many prisoners are suffering from mental illness and our concerned department are not showing any interest for their welfare

It wants to make the people complete aware about the mental illness and its treatment. Mental illness is a matter of concern of HMG. Nearly 30% of the total population are suffering from depression and other mental illness. Many people are taking their own lives because of lack of information and proper treatment.

We are also very pleased to inform you that a special help service for child and young person will be another objective of our mission. Children and young people phone, email, write or visit to Child Help Service about anything, which is troubling them. The problems, which they are facing is too big or too small, it doesn't matter. We are always ready to help children and young people for their welfare as far as their mental health is concerned. Child Help Service within Samaritans will take children's and young people's problems very seriously. The children who have run away or been thrown out of home can struggle with burdens far too great for them to manage. The young people coping with the legacies of abuse and trauma, on the streets, often alone at night. We will also provide help service for child and young person living away from home like foster home, children home, boarding school or hospital for long time. Some of the things children contact us about there feeling of lonely or unloved, worries about their future, problems about school, bullying, drugs, pregnancy, HIV and AIDS, physical and sexual abuse, running away and concerns about parents, brothers, sisters and friends. The help service that we are providing to the child and young people are free and available 24 hours day and night and seven days of week and all the year round.

Child Help Service within Samaritans doesn't just listen to children; it gives them a voice and it wants to make the children and young people complete aware about their child right of UN Convention Article 6, 24,27, 28,32,33,34,35.

Child Help Service will inform policy-makers and the general public about key issues affecting child safety and welfare.

80% of our populations are living in the village with poverty. Patients suffering from mental retardation, epilepsy; psychosis (severe mental illness like schizophrenia, mania) behavioural problems, depression, anxiety are seen. Lack of information and education people are not aware about the mental illness and its treatment. Social stigma is also attached to mental illness and mental patients. Our help and support extremely needed for these people.

Nepal has a population of nearly 24 million. Many surveys have shown that more than 30% of people suffer from some sort of mental illness. Therefore, up to 7,200,000 Nepali people could benefit from mental health care. Sadly, such care is not available except in a very few areas. Out of 7,200,000 only 5% hospital in-patients, 5% hospital out-patients, 8-10% GP's, 10-12% medicine shops, 30% traditional healers and 40% are without care.

Nepal mental health facts:

- around 7,200,000 people could benefit from care

- one mental hospital with 40 beds, 2 consultant psychiatrists and 1 medical officer

- maybe 100 beds in nursing homes and general hospitals

- 5 clinical psychologists.

- maybe 15 nurses with psychiatric training.

- no mental health provision in public health system.

- no law for mentally ill persons.

We are in the process of introducing website which will be the first website in Nepal to help depressed, distressed, and feeling suicidal and child help service.

"The Samaritans Nepal" a non-governmental, non-profitable, social organization has been working in Nepal with some psychiatric social workers. The organization registered under the section 4 of Registration Act 2034 and section 13 of…

Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Mental Health
  • Women


  • P.O. Box 4795, Kathmandu, Nepal, Kathmandu, Nepal, None x, Nepal
    Khumaltar 15, Lalitpur, Nepal

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