JPL/IEEN - Indonesian Environmental Education Network

About Us

IEEN is cooperative network that consists of institutions or individuals with interest in environmental education programs in Indonesia. This network was established to strengthen the environmental education movement in Indonesia through exchanging information and optimizing institutions.

This network was established on November 27, 1996 during the Environmental Education Workshop in Situ Gunung, West Java. IEEN membership is open for individuals, NGOs, or academic institutions with programs and or interest in environmental education. Vision: The establishment of a community responsible for maintaining the balance of the environment. Mission: To develop a cooperative network at the local, national and international levels that can foster commitment for implementing environmental education. The vision and mission will be achieved throughcooperative activities in (1) increasing the awareness and responsibility of communities in environmental conservation, (2)supporting development of methodologies, material and models of Environmental Education (3) accelerate up the spread of information about Environmental Education

Now JPL members are more than 150 organizations and individuals.

Most of IEEN activities are arranged by the members. However, to accelerate the network development and environmental education, IEEN Secretary specifically encourages strategic activities directly and indirectly. Strategic activities are those related to (1) information exchange (2) empowerment of Environmental Education activists and organisations (3) facilitating cooperation