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About Us

A Big Project is an effort to build on the momentum for change being seen throughout the world by uniting people from every country around a single goal: to explore a global vision for a new way forward. We have a quarter million people from more than 30 countries in our global meta-network, and we are growing fast.

Project Overview: From Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street to uprisings in Zimbabwe, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, the U.K. and across the world, there are now millions of people who agree things cannot stay the way they are. This project will build on the momentum for change by bringing people together from every country to explore the answers to four questions:

If the world as it currently exists were to radically shift tomorrow, and we had an opportunity to recreate the world… • What would you want to continue from this world? • What would you NOT want to continue? • What could people do differently now to help us get to that world? • What is one thing that you would be willing to do differently to help get us to that world?

We will then call on artists around the world to help translate the common themes that emerge from the conversations into songs, pictures and other mediums of creative expression. Then, on December 20, 2012 (the day before the Mayan Calendar predicts a global shift towards a more humane society) we will set off an international explosion of art and music in an effort to bring a new sense of hope and possibility for global progress. For more info: www.abigproject.org