Kate Anderson for School Board

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Los Angeles

United States

About Us

We are working to elect Kate Anderson, to the Los Angeles Unified School District, she is a candidate in LAUSD District 4.

Here is a little about Kate:

By bringing a parent’s perspective, cooperative leadership, and policy experience, I will work to change LAUSD into a system where every parent feels good sending their kids to public school, where there is a strong learning community in every neighborhood, and where we have terrific teachers in every classroom.

My daughters, Darby and Emeline, go to Mar Vista Elementary School. I have seen the tremendous potential of our system, but I have also seen what does not work. We do not have a system that celebrates and keeps our terrific teachers. Instead, we have a Board that is at odds with the Superintendent, teachers who feel unsupported, and too many parents who do not feel comfortable with their public school choices -- especially their middle school choices. I want to change that.

We are capable of providing a world-class education to all of LAUSD’s kids. I want to take my perspective and urgency as a parent, combine it with my political experience and know-how as a former congressional staffer and community activist, and help make that vision a reality.