Association of Professionals and Students

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Los Angeles
United States

About Us

The Association of Professionals and Students (APS) is a non-profit organization that provides social and educational programs that focus on empowering low-income communities.

“My profession at the service of my community”

Through partnerships between high school students, college students, and professionals, APS also focuses on developing community projects that have long-lasting social benefit to low-income communities.

Notable past projects:

Annual Health Fairs—Hosted in Belvedere Park, APS’ Annual Health air provides free health screenings for high blood pressure, diabetes, BMI and vision, county services, and educational activities for low-income families in East Los Angeles.

Employment Rights Presentations—APS provides free workshops throughout Los Angeles and San Bernardino County that provide a comprehensive understanding of legal rights and recourse for immigrants under present California employment laws.

Children’s Education Fairs—Held throughout Southern California, APS provides free fairs to teach children about child abuse, health and fitness issues through the use of games and role-playing.