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About Us

From Mission to Mission (From), a 21 year-old Catholic not-for-profit 501 (c)(3)organization, provides services to missioners/volunteers of all Christian denominations completing a cross-cultural experience overseas or at home. From prepares returning priests and ministers and their families, religious brothers and sisters and lay missioners for active mission and ministry here in the United States. From assists those who return from missionary/volunteer assignments to understand cross-cultural re-entry as reverse culture shock and an acute life transition.

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Since its inception in 1980, FROM has served thousands of individuals through workshops, retreats, publications, consultation, and networking opportunities. Founded by returning missioners, FROM is a grass-roots organization with more than 450 supporting members.

From works with men and women who have ministered in Latin America, Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe, as well as various home missions, some for up to thirty-five years. Eager to return to active ministry, they are often surprised by how much they have changed and how dramatically their "home" culture has changed during their time of cross-cultural service. Furthermore, many must deal with the effects of violence and trauma which occur when working in poor and developing areas. Disoriented and overwhelmed, missioners wonder if they will ever fit in again. Can their skills and experience be translated into the U.S. setting?

From's "Returning Home? Planning Your Return from a Cross-Cultural Experience" booklet distributed through mission-sending organizations, supports individual missioners preparing to return home. At the same time, From's booklet "How Do We Welcome Them Home? A Journey of Transition for Communities Welcoming Missioners and Volunteers Home" helps religious congregations, parishes, and families welcome the returning missioner and understand the dilemmas they face. From also provides a booklet detailing the effects of violence and trauma called: "How Do I Get Over It? Surviving Violence and Trauma Experienced in Cross-Cultural Settings."

Once back home, missioners receive a copy of "Welcome Home?" to help them work through reverse culture shock and begin their transition process. The booklet also invites them to contact From if they are interested in meeting with other returned missioners in their own area. From's national network facilitates such connections.