Redlight Project

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About Us

Mission Statement

The Redlight Project defends the rights of victims of human trafficking across the United States through the use of victim-centered, investigative reporting techniques. We form relationships with current victims, build trust with those involved, and document their stories in order to provide authorities with the information necessary to apprehend their perpetrators. Redlight also works with victims of human trafficking to provide opportunities for program placement, addiction recovery, and access to medical care.

Our Values

We are independent. Redlight is non-partisan and does not embrace political causes. It does not take any position on the legalization of prostitution, nor does it accept funding from any source which may comprise its neutrality on this issue.

We have a high standard of ethics. Redlight values and respects the contributions of victims and witnesses in the fight against human trafficking. In particular, we respect the wishes of victims and witnesses with regard to anonymity and referrals for social services.

We are victim-centered. Redlight focuses solely on current victims of human trafficking. Most victims receive help only after entering the criminal justice system through prostitution or drug charges. Court-mandated rehabilitation programs are proven to be less effective than voluntary programs, however most victims who wish to enter into these programs do not have access or a trusted link to these resources. Redlight is their link.