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We are established in Africa in Kenya and Uganda

Are you interested in a specific country or culture? Or you do have a particular type of project in mind, regardless of where it is? There are so many options available at Yes Please Volunteering there’s bound to be a program to suit you. We recommend you read through our program descriptions find out which program is the best match for you. Our programs run year round and placements range from 1 month to 6 months. It’s up to you when and for how long you take part, giving you flexibility to make your arrangements

Village Teaching and Outreach Placement:

Yes Please Volunteering work with a number of small community based organizations that provide counselling, care, and education for rural people and orphaned and underprivileged children. Some of these placements focus exclusively on teaching primary or secondary school. Others include both teaching and community outreach components . Village teaching placements can include arts and crafts, structured play, music/singing, sports, health, and academics. Volunteers choose which subjects and age groups to teach prior to arrival. They work independently to plan lessons using government curriculum and textbooks. Please be aware that there will be few (if any) resources available at school. Volunteers should bring any supplies, teaching materials, or instruments they wish to make use of. The main focus is to provide children with a loving, creative and interactive environment in which to flourish.

Village community outreach placements can include youth mentoring, team building, HIV prevention and AIDS care, sanitation and hygiene, and general public health. For volunteers with a medical background, placements can include working with health-based organizations. Volunteer activities may include home visiting, designing education materials, conducting seminars, and maintaining wells and other village infrastructure.

A village placement is particularly appropriate for volunteers with great ideas and enthusiasm for grassroots development. This is a real opportunity for deep cultural exchange.

Organic Farming Project:

Volunteers with a green thumb, or those who just want to plunge their hands into deep, rich, African soil, will be interested in an organic farming placement. This village based placement teaches and promotes modern methods of organic farming in rural communities. Volunteers work alongside locals digging and maintaining demonstration gardens. Activities include raised bed and double-dug farming to best utilize soil and make planting, harvesting, and fertilizing easier. Volunteers also teach water conservation by lining large pits with plastic bags to collect and store rain water.

Remote Orphan Care Project:

For volunteers wishing to work in a very remote area with HIV affected orphans. Yes Please Volunteering is focused on bringing aid, education, and love to the orphans of the area, many of whom have lost their parents due to AIDS related illnesses. Volunteers help with basic academics, feeding, organizing play, arts and crafts, hygiene and HIV/AIDS education appropriate to the children’s' age level .Volunteers may be asked to help with administrative work such as budgeting, updating paperwork, writing proposals, and maintaining personal files on the children. This is a challenging but amazing program for volunteers with experience organising children, such as camp counsellors, day care workers, and people who love children. Bring your games, songs, and enthusiasm to the village!

Public Health Improvement Project:

This is a project promoting general public health improvement.

Village outreach: Public speaking and mentoring in various rural communities about HIV/AIDS, malaria, hygiene, family planning, reproductive health, nutrition, early childhood feeding, sanitation, women's rights and domestic violence. This is the most important and most common activity undertaken by volunteers. Volunteers travel to a variety of villages on a weekly basis. They design their own seminars based on that week’s subject matter. Basic training and educational materials are on site, but volunteers are encouraged to bring new materials as well.

School outreach: Public speaking and mentoring of youth about teen issues. These may include drug abuse, pregnancy, STDs, sexual education, and decision-making. Volunteers may visit 1 or 2 schools per day speaking directly to students about issues affecting them. Again, volunteers will design their own speeches, but will be given basic training and access to educational materials in order to prepare themselves. Volunteers will take part in a flexible schedule, which includes some or all activities offered by the program. The exchange of ideas, experiences, and culture is encouraged. This project requires walking long distances in the sun. Volunteers are encouraged to bring a sleeping bag, and protective clothing and shoes.

Program Schedule

You can start your placement on the 1st or 15th of each month. Volunteers can stay from a period of one month to 3 months. Your stay can be extended beyond 3 months on a case-by-case basis (depending upon our partner’s requirements and your ability to obtain an extended visa). School terms vary from country to country. Volunteers are not placed in teaching projects outside of these times. Please also note that exams take place at the end of each term and normal class schedules will end prior to that. Short term volunteers are advised to start earlier in the term. As a general rule we cannot place short-term volunteers beginning January 1st as all projects take a few weeks to get going in the new year. We advise you to plan your arrival for January 15th, or February 1st in the case of teaching placements


We are established in Africa in Kenya and Uganda

Are you interested in a specific country or culture? Or you do have a particular type of project in mind, regardless of where it is? There are so many options available at…

Areas of Focus Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Health & Medicine
  • Volunteering


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