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About Us

Digital Respect is an organization whose mission is to address the growing problem of cyberbullying among youth. Its purpose is twofold: to encourage media education through positive uses of media, and to encourage respect among youth when using digital media. "Digital Respect" is thus a term that signifies the development of respectful attitudes and behaviors when communicating online and by mobile phone; it emphasizes the importance of determining how the person on the other end will feel before posting or sending any picture, video, comment, or message. Digital Respect began with the involvement of many young people in Montreal who created films that work to prevent cyberbullying and digital misconduct. A Digital Respect documentary film was also made to provide youth with an opportunity to share their opinions on how to prevent cyerbullying. Digital Respect has also launched a series of workshops that deal with online conflicts, preventing cyberbullying, learning to send empathically conscious messages, and encouraging youth to be active agents in developing codes of online conduct. The program has been evaluated and highly recommended - a large majority of students are requesting more workshops of the same sort. Another aspect of the organization is the Ambassador program, in which children, youth, and adults in the community work to promote Digital Respect in their academic and work milieus. These Ambassadors also volunteer with the program through taking on various roles such as event coordination, graphic design, translation, and outreach. There are currently 78 Digital Respect Ambassadors worldwide, and all Ambassadors are eligible to receive a pair of Converse shoes as a token of the organization's appreciation for their dedication. Digital Respect was initiated by Nika Naimi and is currently in its expansion phase and thus will likely have other chapters opening up in the near future.