Sri Atmananda Memorial School, Austin

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4100 Red River St.
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About Us

To change the world, one must start with education. Many nations are passing sweeping policies that address structure, method, and content. But simply modifying the forms of education will not achieve the desired results. Instead, we must reexamine our fundamental approach to children. At Sri Atmananda Memorial School, a unique teaching approach, the KPM Approach to Children, fundamentally transforms education through a focus on the realtionship between the teacher and the student. Sri Atmananda Memorial School, Austin, founded in 1995, is one of two private non-sectarian schools in which this approach is put into practice, refined, and further developed. The model school in Kerala, India founded in 1987, serves 175 students first year through college prep. The branch school in Austin, Texas currently serves students in grades K-8 and will continue to add a grade each year until it serves students from K-12.