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About Us

KAG CIG is a Charitable, None Governmental, None Political and None Profit Making Organization that opperates under the executive leadership of a Director. It has its General Assembly as its highest organ. It trains desperate youths, orphans, vulnerable children and underprevillaged on Secretary ship as well as societal moral fitness. KAG also sensitize mostly women, youths and children on the negative effects of sexually transmissible diseases like HIV/AIDS, STDS etc. It equally ensures that women and youths are economically empowered. Children from poor families received study support from KAG Annually. It also gives assistants to farmers in form of technical advice and mega financial support. All these are done through member contribution and sympathizers donations.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Since 1997 KAG CIG has made remarkable achievements.

- Acqusition of legal status

- Creation of Head office and Training Centers

- Employed 10 workers

- Trained 60 Professional Secretaries and 40 employed.

- Assisted 450 orphans, vulnerable and underprevillaged children through payment of FEE and provision of study gadgets. This is done in order institutions.

- KAG has annually been sensitizing women, youths and children on the illeffects of HIV/AIDS AND STDS. 1600 Have undergone this operation since creation of KAG.

- Over 220 farmers have benefited from KAG either technical of financial support.

- For the past 8 years, KAG has been empowering business men and women on the modern techniques which has been proven positive change.

We have done alot that are not mentioned here now.