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About Us

FARE MINISTRIES is a non-profit, inter-denominational faith based organization founded in 1993 to equip the body of Christ in fulfilling his great commission.

Mission: Fare Ministries' committmnt is Caring and supporting People who are suffering with AIDS and Orphans left by the AIDS pandemic. With a commitment to contribute to the community level management of HIV/AIDS and it’s Manifestations; through building of the capacity of families and community. And to provide for long term support to children affected by HIV/AIDS


1. To build the capacity of local communities to provide Home Based Care Services to people affected by HIV/AIDS. 2.To mitigate the effects of HIV/AIDS at family/community level. 3.To lobby and advocate for improved Care and support to the disadvantaged, Including the elderly or orphans and widows. 4.To build capacity of children affected with AIDS to be self-supporting citizens.


Fare Ministries formed an AIDS care program in 1994 as a response to HIV/AIDS. It is almost 20 years since the pandemic has been hitting families in Uganda, living every family crying. This resulted to more households being headed by AIDS windows as more men die earlier than women. Some social cultural practices contributed to the spread of AIDS such as the custom that obliges a man to marry his late brother’s widow. HIV / AIDS has affected the country in all aspects and it is estimated that over 2million people out of the 24.6 million. Many professionals, service providers i.e. teachers, doctors, technicians etc. were swept by the epidemic. The country that is mainly dependent on farming, lost most of her work force. Many children are forced to give up their education as their parents full on bed. All property if any is sold with a hope to find a cure. Some older children are forced to take up family responsibilities when their parents die. As many children become orphaned by HIV.AIDS many more problems arise. Many young girls are either forced into marriage or become sexual workers with hope to find a good life. The problem of over-extended families comes in, whereby these parentless children are taken in by another family relative who also have many children of their own and later end up on streets to seek support from the unknown.

Caring for an HIV/AIDS patient in a home diverts the energies of the family Members from productivity to poverty. This normally results in food insecurity. Malnutrition and poor health, that leads to the families to be in danger of Sickness.

Our strategy:

1. To offer formal and or vocational education to orphans.

2. To offer counselling home based acre and support to the affected infected Families.

3. To provide permanent and habitable shelter through construction of single Family dwellings. 4. Empower CBOs, FBOs and community leaders to intervene in the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic in their communities.

5.To carryout awareness and education about HIV/AIDS in educational institutions and communities.

6.To involve widows and their families in income generation activities.

7.To train widows and their children in income generating activities which are cheap easy to manage and market in their homes.

Current Achievements: 51 community care groups have been established, supported 1325 Orphans with school requirements, Blankets, food, tuition, mosquito bed nets, and medical assistance. We have visited over 40 secondary schools and established peer education groups for youth AIDS prevention. We are currently in the process of providing care groups with bicycles for transport and 11 Communities will get a revolving fund to help generate resources ·Provision of scholastic materials (pens, pencils and books) to 450 Children who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS or whose parents are still alive but one of them is bed ridden. ·Through the home based care team, we have been able to support some families with food and medical treatment to HIV/AIDS clients through provision of drugs. · We have been able to visit over 30 schools and conducted HIV/AIDS Awareness/education to students.