Women Refugee and Immigrant Community in Zambia

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P.O. Box 37236

About Us

We have desperetely realised that refugees women in Zambia are facing severe difficulties such as: lack of enough food,homelessness,others are situated where water is a problematic for meager fares to pay their rentals; African and more asylum traditions are considering women as not usefull for the society development and many are cut shot to their education for one disfavoring reason or another(pregnacy,possessing of one or more children) qualifying their place to be in the kitchen. They are victimised whilst men remain unpunished for a same mistake. We have found that many refugees women are forced to risk their life in order to survive by selling their sex and therefore depend on the opposite sex; this is prejudiciable to their health and of the society as a whole.

Refugees women don't meet themselves together to share ther experiences and teach themslves and defend their rights together as the saying tells"L'union fait la force" - "Union is power".

Despite potentials and qualifications that women refugees possess, the fields of work is not open the them as is it to the men of the similar qualifications and potentials.