RYED Foundation -Ghana International Voluntary Services

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About Us

The RYED Foundation (GIVS-GHANA) was founded in 2007 and registered as a non-profit organization in 2008. ‘RYED’ is pronounced [raeed]. It is an acronym of ‘Rural Youth Education and Development’; who has integrated Ghana International Voluntary Services (GIVS) in order to promote international voluntary youth exchange that promote cultural education and improve social development experiences for future leaders.

RYED Foundation involves a number of university graduates, teachers and some undergraduate students in the University of Ghana and KNUST who are working together to assist poor rural youth in Ghana, including the physically challenged youth who are marginalized, such as the deaf and the blind, to achieve their full potentials and to be able to make wealth in order to come out of poverty. The foundation also provides assistance to the urban poor youth to further their education through the second cycle to the tertiary level; this will be positive through sponsorship of unprivileged youth.

Foundation believes that the youth in the rural areas are endowed with great talents which if carefully marshaled, with God at the centre of all activities, can bring stability and new life to the depressed rural communities. RYED Foundation has, since its establishment, been supporting students (including orphans) to further their education at both the secondary and tertiary level. Some of the beneficiaries have completed vocational school and training colleges and are working. Others are still in the training college, secondary schools and university.

Vision Statement:

To be the most efficient NGO in Ghana by helping the youth acquire the education, skills and resource necessary to build self-sufficient prosperous lives. RYED Foundation, Ghana International Voluntary services function is to empower the youth from poor and deprived communities.

Mission Statement Our core strategy is to be the pre-eminent non-profit in the West African sub-region working towards a drastic reduction of poverty by: . Providing financial support for poor rural youth to further their education or receive professional training to let them independent financially. . Helping to enhance the performance of pupils and students in deprived areas in Science, Maths and English Language . Developing football talents in boys and girls in rural areas . Advocating the creation of opportunities for the physically challenged to receive quality and higher education . Providing mentorship for young talented rural people . To empower the poor and marginalized youth by promoting their education and training in order to achieve their full potentials and reduce poverty. . Promoting education, health, tourism, environmental protection; . Undertaking intercultural activities during international voluntary work camps that help young people develop a variety of character-building, including of servant hood, an appreciation for the value of sacrifice, and greater personality and physical confidence; . Fighting against selfishness/individualism among the future leaders; . Promoting Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the disadvantaged schools and community centres by creating computer labs; . Providing computer accessories to the community development groups, health centers, rural radio stations, etc . Educating young people for the respect of Human Right and peace in the country. Conscious youth to participate to the development projects. . In partnership with the government and other development stakeholders it will undertake orphans sponsorship and adoption programs in the country. . And also negotiate towns and villages twinning in order to boost local sustainable development. . And fighting against desertification by adopting the policy of reforestation program.

International Voluntary programs: the Foundation undertakes any activities/projects of social interest around the country. Voluntary Work Camps Projects (summers, winters Autumns) for the period of 1 month for short term and from 2 to 12 for long term volunteering programs; i.e. construction, renovation, personnel/staff support, training, teaching, humanitarian donations (books, computers, medicine, etc), for schools, social and health centers. Free vacation classes; support of agricultural & Environmental organizations (planting, training on management and agriculture techniques.) and by the end of these activities we program in favor of international volunteers intercultural activities and Tours..

Our Targeted groups: Our support goes to: Youth, Schools, Children home, Person Handicapped, Social welfare, Communities centers, Polyclinics, Hospitals, orphanage, etc.