Clipa Siderala

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str. Dimo 17/4

About Us

"Clipa Sideralã" is a non-profit organization focused on at-risk youth in Moldova

Directions of Activity:

- Organizing and hosting Children International Festival of Sport, Friendship and Art for orphans from boarding schools in Moldova and teams from European countries as Romania, Ukraine, Byelorussia as well as China, etc.
- Producing weekly TV broadcasts for children and teenagers promoting a healthy way of life.
- Organizing the children Summer Camp "Sparta". Every summer 80 orphans have an opportunity to recover their health at the Crimean seaside.
- Organizing and hosting Christmas Charity Caravan. About 20 boarding- schools( 4000 children) from Moldova are visited. The activity includes presents, games, performance of the national stars. The Caravan invites every citizen to participate in this charity.
- the„Santa Claus Academy". the national Santa Claus will reply to every child having written a letter to him for free in a special christmas greeting letter.