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About Us

Shining Star Centre of Orphans is managing a primary school with 266 pupils and 12 teachers in South Nyanza at Lake Victoria. Since we are in partnership with several german communities we had the chance to implement many capacity building projects at the school. The organisation struggles to have all teachers trained to give the pupils the chance to pass class 8 and take part in higher education. Funded by Hevrone Mairah Killmes, a son of the Muhuru Bay District, 10 years ago, the school becomes a institution for quality lessons. We host 36 orphans, whos fees are socializied with other pupils. In long run we want to become self reliant. Since clean drinking water and food are little in this harsh environment we want to introduce a irrigation system to 80 households and 3 schools in community for fostering health and the basis for a day long learning of our pupils.