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We work with children at the EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM in Kenya, Riruta, Dagoretti Division. We have a resource centre for the community and the youth. The children of pre-school age are taught Basic Literacy at the centre. The mother of the children have formed a group to start Income generating Activities. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Child Survival Initiative – Group is a Community Based Organization (CBO) formed in the year 2000 but registered in the year 2003. The organization was started as a charitable group by a group of professionals who felt that they had a role to play in helping the poor communities to improve the quality of life especially those ravaged by HIV and AIDS. The group used to give out handouts to poor families within slum communities of Kibera and Kawangware but came to realize that what these communities requires was not handouts but a sustainable approach to addressing issues affecting them. The group which is composed of Health Workers (Doctors, Nurses and Clinical Officers), Community Workers, Administrators and Secretaries decided to come up with an organization that would not only address problems facing the children but would also be committed to providing health support and economic empowerment of the HIV and AIDS affected and infected members of our society. The organization is also committed to literacy raising through creation of resource centers within slum communities. VALUES C.S.I.G as a local CBO is committed to supporting OVCS, literacy raising, HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support. The organization believes in; ·Solidarity and collective action in fighting HIV and AIDS ·Genuine support to the affected and the infected community members’ needs irrespective of their status, size or religious affiliation ·The achievements of interventions by maintaining credibility, reliability, integrity and accountability in all her operations ·Equitably response to HIV and AIDS, literacy raising, economic empowerment, support to OVCS and environmental sanitation needs by providing quality services. TARGET AREAS Wanyee, Dagoretti Mission “To work with the child and his or her family so as to facilitate enhancement of their capacities to improve their quality of life through sustainable development and community participation in ensuring improved quality of life.” Vision A society where every child has access to all basic rights. Objectives 1.To empower the communities to take care of the children. 2.To provide basic needs support for orphans and other vulnerable children to improve their future. 3.To promote access to quality medical care for child and families. 4.To engage/participate community in the fight against HIV & AIDS. 5.To promote women empowerment 6.To promote youth development in communities. Contact address: Program Director, Box 176 KNH -00202 Nairobi, Kenya Physical address: Wanyee Road, Dagoretti Corner Telephone No: +254-20-722- 736-637

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