Father's Heart Children's Home

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About Us

Father's Heart Children's Home in Uganda offers year-round care to Orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children. These are orphans whose mothers died in childbirth from AIDS or some other complications, other kids are simply abandoned, their parents killed during the civil war by LRA rebels, others were born in prison and have only known prison life until they come to us. They all arrive at our door in need and Father's Heart Children's Home is dedicated to meeting their need regardless of family history, handicaps or disease. Children who would otherwise be rejected and discarded now have a chance at life.


  • To emphasize to each child that they were created by God as loved and unique individuals.
  • Expand FHCH to care for as many needy children as we can sustain.
  • Sponsor as many children as possible in their own villages by offering school fees and livestock to encourage self-generated income.
  • Encourage a well-rounded education as a number one priority that will enable them to compete within the standards of this world.
  • Maintain a unique child to sponsor relationship that will ensure a consistent $100 a month sponsorship for each child as well as give sponsors an opportunity to love on their child.
  • Raise enough capital to buy land and build a school and home for the destitute children in Iganga.
  • Raise a generation of orphans that will be significant contributions to their communities.


Our number one goal for the children is to raise them in love so that they can in turn pass it on. They will be well educated to an international standard. Also, the children will learn lifelong skills as they practice income generating activities like, arts and crafts, tailoring, food and juice making, agriculture, and many more.