About Us

Most of the Nepalese people in the grass-roots level have been deprived of the basics in life for the lack of proper information, communication, education, public awareness and equal access and opportunities to development and equitable and sustainable community development as well. As the result, they have been resorted to living incredibly miserable life being trapped into an insidious cycle of hunger and poverty throughout their life. With a vision to help improve the living conditions of the poor, disadvantaged and underprivileged people enhancing their skills and capacity inorder to build sustainable livelihood through information, communication, awareness and advocacy, KAPINCE-NEPAL came into existence on 16 Dec., 1997. Eversince its inception, KAPINCE-NEPAL has been working with the grass-roots empowering them with information, communication and awareness towards equitable and sustainable community development.

Mission: ○ Dissemination of information to the poor, disadvantaged and underprivileged groups in the grass-roots level inorder to uplift their standard of living. ○ To help strengthen social development process in equitable and sustainable way by uniting and mobilizing them in an organized way through the dissemination of information.

Objectives: 1- To disseminate information and communication to the poor rural, disadvantaged and underprivileged people inorder to boost equitable and sustainable community development. 2- To help raise voice with campaigns for the protection and promotion of the rights of children and women. 3- To assist poor and rural people to experience directly or indirectly the outcomes of good governance in their life. 4- To help conserve and promote ancient cultural heritage sites (archaeological, historical and religious as well) inorder to establish tourism development in the district. 5- To support the poor, disadvantaged and underprivileged community with equal and effective access to building their livelihoods enhancing their skills and capacity building. 6- To help build and raise awareness to motivating youths for their participation in social development process. 7- To assist in creating equal opportunities for the victims of domestic violence and handicapped children and women to be able to live as general people fully utilizing their rights. 8- To raise public awareness on children and women rights as well as human rights, environmental conservation, gender discrimination, reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, education, health and sanitation.

We have curentlly need one development voulnteer in kapilvastu, Nepal.

Email: manoj.paudel@gmail.com