The Child Tracking Assistance Centre (ChildTRAC)

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About Us

The Child Tracking Assistance Centre (ChildTRAC) is a Dutch-registered, non-governmental organization that currently operates in Southern Thailand. The crux of the organization’s child-centered work, which is based on the principles established in the UN Convention on the Rights of a Child, is tracing and screening tsunami orphans from Thai and migrant communities, with an overall focus on child rights and protection issues. ChildTRAC operates as a partner of UNICEF and is endorsed by Thailand’s Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (SDHS).

Over the past year, ChildTRAC has developed a tsunami orphan database to coincide with its tracing program, as well as created child-centered screening tools that help to facilitate the interview process with children. ChildTRAC is currently tracing tsunami orphans in the six tsunami-affected provinces of Thailand as well as nationwide, with prospects of implementing its tracing methodologies in other parts of the world if able to secure proper, long-term sustainability.