Orphans, Street Children Sports Club


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About Us

ORPHANS, STREET CHILDREN SPORTS CLUB (O.S.SPORTS) is a non governmental organisation registered with the Registrar General, The Department of Social Welfare and the Accra Metropolitant Assembly. The organization's objective and aim is to assist the orphans, the needy and the underprivileged children in sports, education and vocational skills. The organization feels a lot of orphans, the needy and the underprivileged children who are interested in sports, education and vocational skills, have not been given the necessary attention to reach their fullest potentials, so it is the oganization's objectives to help these unfortunate children to become assets instead of liabilities to themselves and the society.

ACTIVITIES STARTED BY THE ORGANIZATION. The organization started some of its activities in some of the orphanages,communities in the capital,Accra and rural areas in the Eastern Region of Ghana in soccer, handball, volley and athletics.

The organization also organized community teaching for underprivileged children who did not have the basic in reading, writting and spelling in english, french and mathematics.