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About Us

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to English language education in public elementary schools. We work to develop students’ abilities to communicate and to prepare them to interact with the conditions of a global world.

We work with 4 schools, 6 partner organizations, 1500 kids, 2 international consultants, 75 international volunteers and 25 local volunteers on average per year.

Our Mission

We work to develop students’ abilities to communicate and to prepare them to interact with the conditions of a global world which, in turn, provides them with opportunities for better jobs and an escape from poverty.

Our Vision

We are a non-profit organization with a vision to reduce the education inequality gaps and to increase opportunities for underprivileged children through the teaching of languages, with a primary focus on English.

Our Programs

Summer School - In January and February, during Peru’s summer break, we expand our program to include art, games, and sports all focused on improving the English skills of the students. At the end of the summer, we take a field trip as a reward to the kids.

English School - We teach English to primary students from impoverished communities, four days a week. We provide materials and develop the curriculum during our weekly teacher meetup. We team international volunteers with local Peruvians to teach the classes in pairs.

Conversation Class - Conversation class is held in the evening for adults who do not otherwise have the chance to practice their English skills. An enriching experience for both the local Peruvians who get the chance to practice their English and learn about different cultures and for the volunteers who learn about Peruvian culture and gain new friends in the process.

After School - Our goal is to create opportunities for high school students to learn conversational English. Students come to the Espaanglisch Casa twice a week to take free English lessons. We cultivate conversations via Skype between our students and English-speaking students in other countries who are trying to learn Spanish.

Campaigns - When we see a need, we respond. We organize campaigns to raise funds and materials to support our schools and our community. Past campaigns we have held allowed us to provide backpacks and supplies to our students and to provide food for community members after the El Niño mudslides.

Social Interaction - We organize events to see Peru from a different perspective in which we connect local and international volunteers. Activities take place near the communities that we serve. We are always exploring and looking for new adventures.

Our Team

Our team consists of 2 international consultants [USA] and 4 coordinators in Peru that work hand in hand to organize our programs and to provide logistical support.

Contact Us

Phone Number: (+51) 044-250103


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