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2.0 PROJECT LOCATION: 8 kilometres Jinja -Iganga Road, East of Jinja Town found in Wairaka village, Kakira Sub County, Butembe County, Jinja District, Eastern Uganda.

3.0 LEGAL OWNER: Wairaka children care project , P. O. Box 2220 , Jinja , Uganda

4.0 STATUS OWNER: Wairaka care project- Uganda was founded towards the beginning of 2008 by a team of dedicated members with commitment to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. It is an evangelical Christian Non - Governmental Organization with its head offices located in the Republic of Uganda It was registered in August 23rd, 2008 as a Community Based Organization under 080 as its registration number. It was established to focus on holistic needs of people in Uganda . It has started many spiritual and social economic programmes including support to HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children, HIV/AIDS affected/infected persons and holding evangelism and discipleship campaigns.

5.0 IMPLEMENTER Wairaka children care project- Uganda P. O. Box 2220 , Jinja , Uganda


Pastor Lyagoba Ivan

Tel: +256 - (0)77 - 8861584 Email:

co Director

Oteko David

Tel: +256- (0)77-3655337



6.1 Background of the country where the project is implemented. Uganda has an area of 241,000 square kilometers. It is landlocked and different countries surround it, Sudan in the North, Kenya in the East, Tanzania in the South, and Rwanda in South West and Democratic Republic of Congo in the West. It has large water masses has fertile soils. For a long time Uganda has been described as "the Pearl of Africa” The country was once a British Protectorate but gained her political independence on 9th October 1962, since then it has gone through many political challenges and has coup detats and counter coup detats had in addition, it has gone through armed conflict due to civil strife which has had devastating social economic effects on the population. The result has been many orphans, widows and widowers.

The new government of National Resistance Movement (NRM) came to power by the barrel of the gun and ushered in what many people describe as "parent peace" in different regions of Uganda . However, there is still some presence of armed conflicts in yet other regions of the country. On the other hand, the country has the problem of AIDS, which has claimed a large section of the population like wars leaving behind hundreds of thousands of orphans, widows and widowers. The country is also experiencing poverty, which means a great number of people especially in the rural areas, cannot afford the basic necessities of life.

6.2 Background of the organization

Wairaka children care project was founded in 2008 by Pastor Lyagoba Ivan and his fellow christian Oteko David and its head office is located in the Republic of Uganda. It was established to focus on holistic needs of people in Uganda. It has started many spiritual and social economic programmes including support to orphans, HIV/AIDS affected persons and holding evangelism and discipleship campaigns.

6.3 Background to the project and problem statement.

As indicated by the statement on the challenges Uganda has gone through, one of the categories of the population, which has been affected greatly, are the children. There are many vulnerable children who are at risk, which include orphans, street and displaced children. It is with this background that Wairaka children care project was launched to bring healing and offer childcare and protection of the children who are especially in difficult circumstances. The project takes advantage of the cultural practices of childcare, which is community, based with a focus on the extended family.


Wairaka children care project is to provide support to an estimated 15 children initially However, the number of children will be increased as need arises and resources allow.


To create conducieve environment that favours the lives the children.

Bringing hope to vulnerable children and enabling them to attain improved living.

To bring up children in God fearing ways.


The objectives for which Wairaka children care project has been established are as stated below: - 9.1 To meet the physical needs of the children and foster families by providing food, clothing and other basic needs of life. 9.2 To promote the spiritual well being of the children. 9.3 To establish and operate a sponsorship scheme to give education opportunities to 15 vulnerable children. 9.4 To empower 15 children and 30 foster families with resources that will enable them engage in income generating activities for self-reliant living. 9.5 To offer career guidance and counseling services to children and foster parents. 9.6 To promote community based health care among the children and foster parents. 9.7 To conduct child evangelism, make available bibles and Christian literature. 9.8 To enhance water and environmental sanitation facilities within the communities where the children and foster parents live. 9.9 To establish and run Vocational Skills Training programmes to impart market - oriented skills to children. 10 To establish healthy centres.


In order for the objectives of the Project to be implemented the Board of Directors for Wairaka children care project has designed the following strategy: - 10.1 Resource Mobilisation The planned activities of the project can be achieved when various resources are obtained. The Board focuses on the following:

  • Human resource: The Centre needs to be run by qualified staff that possesses skills and talents, which are useful for the Project. The staff needed include Managers, social workers, health workers, church leaders, officers, cleaners, cooks and watchmen. In building construction of the Project, There is need for masons, architects, painters and decorators. The Board have made a plan to recruit the personnel at different stages when need arises and resources are obtained.
  • Money: The Board needs to rise the necessary funding in different ways in order for this project to take off.
  • Materials: The Project requires a variety of materials including building materials such as cement, sand, stones, timber, water, metal pieces, and iron sheets. There is need for training materials and craft raw materials.
  • Equipment: The Centre requires equipment ranging from that used in building construction works, office, and kitchen for cooking and compound cleaning, Vocational skills training tools and for workshop use. 2. Land: The construction and eventual establishment of the Project requires a sizeable piece of land. That is on addition to the already acquire piece of land, that is purposely for future expansion. 3. The Board has designed a schedule of activities to include management meetings, staff recruitment, contracting engineers, constructions, recruitment of children who will benefit from the Centre programmes, designing training manuals for vocational skills training scheme, finally monitoring and evaluation of the Centre programmes.

11.0 JUSTIFICATION: The Board is justified to establish and operate Care and Share Child Development Centre because of the following: - 11.1 There is a pressing need of HIV/AIDS orphans and vulnerable children. 11.2 There is favorable peaceful environment 11.3 The government policy encourages intervention mechanisms of voluntary organizations. 11.4 There is open support by local and international communities.

12.0 FEASIBILITY: The Project activities are feasible because: 12.1 There are hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children within the community of Kakira sub-county. 12.2 There are people with qualifications and skills required by the project. 12.3 The Board has identified sources of funding and hopes to continue with fundraising activities throughout the life of the project. 12.4 The building materials are available within the area 12.5 The required equipment can be obtained within the country at favorable costs. 12.6 The infrastructure favors the project since there is electricity, piped water and accessible road.

13.0 SUSTAINABILITY: The Board hopes to sustain the activities of the Project through: - 1.Continued staff development through training and retraining. 2.Continued resource mobilization using different strategies including membership and subscriptions, grants, donations, charges on services offered by the Centre

14. PROJECT MANAGEMENT The Board of Directors for Wairaka children care project has put in place a management structure for Care and Share Child Development Centre as indicated below: -


Communities mobilization to identify OVC A1. Identify their needs Training of OVC A2: Train them in needs assessment Counseling of OVC A3: Undertake needs assessment Conduct home visitation A4: Make reports of specific beneficiaries and their need Training peer educators A6: Capacity building workshops Children retreat A6: Monitoring A7: Evaluation


The Board hopes to carry out monitoring and evaluation of the activities of the Centre as follows: - 16.1 Internal Monitoring and Evaluation.

  • The staff working in different positions will monitor and evaluate the Project activities on day - to - day basis and will submit activity reports to the Programme Coordinator.
  • The Programme Coordinator will receive monthly reports from staff under him.
  • He will compile and submit monthly reports to the Executive Director of the organization.
  • The Executive Director will submit quarterly activity and financial reports to the Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors will cause the writing of annual activities reports and audited accounts.

16.2 External Monitoring and Evaluation.

The Board plans to hire independent persons with expertise in management skills to carry out an evaluation exercise. This will give outsiders opinion in the programmes of the Centre. The evaluation report may give recommendations for improvement of the programmes of the project. The external partners/donors will carry out monitoring and evaluation annual at a time convenient for them. This will be in addition to quarterly and other regular reports.

We are welcoming any one who is ready to stand with us to help the children,


2.0 PROJECT LOCATION: 8 kilometres Jinja -Iganga Road, East of Jinja Town found in Wairaka village, Kakira Sub County, Butembe County, Jinja District, Eastern Uganda.

3.0 LEGAL OWNER: Wairaka…

Areas of Focus Include

  • Disaster Relief


  • p.o,box2220,jinja
    jinja uganda
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