The Light at the Center

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About Us

Today as humanity totters at the brink of self-annihilation, women the world over are becoming aware of an insistent, urgent inner voice that is disturbing our complacency and awakening our slumbering souls.

The Light at the Center was created in response to this inner call. Our mission is to re-introduce women to a Feminine way of being in the world; to help women to see beyond gender identification into the heart of Feminine Energy and Power by learning to journey to The Light at the Center of our being.

The Center offers workshops, individual life coaching, development of creative expression and spiritual mentoring with a focus on the rebalancing and healing of the body-mind-spirit dynamic.

100% client-driven we bring full services to your facility and adapt workshops, seminars, retreats, etc. to specific client needs and interests. No population is too "challenging."

Toni Roberts, Life Coach, Creative Expression Specialist and Spiritual Mentor, is also available to individuals on a private, one-on-one basis. Please contact Ms. Roberts at the Email address below.