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About Us

Infinite Skies (I-Skies) is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for all children and promoting awareness of children’s needs and issues. Particular focus of our programs is placed on children with special needs including children that are seriously ill, abused, neglected and socio-economically disadvantaged. Infinite Skies also encourages the involvement of the community (adults, youth, and seniors) to help accomplish its mission and provide learning experiences and social interaction for volunteers.

To advance its mission, Infinite Skies has designed “R.E.A.C.H. for the Stars", our collection of programs organized into the categories of Research, Education, Awareness, Culture and Health.

R – RESEARCH I-Skies Research for Kids Fund promotes and supports research on children’s issues. Infinite Skies will make contributions from the fund to select programs, centers and hospitals dedicated to research on issues and illnesses that affect infants, children and adolescents. Our research fund will support various clinical and academic studies, including those aimed at finding cures for diseases and illnesses, and those studying areas such as child development, child and adolescent psychology, special education and child welfare.

E – EDUCATION I-Skies Education Programs are designed to promote learning and provide educational opportunities for children and schools in need through scholarships, seminars, workshops, discussion groups, tutoring services, and school supplies. Infinite Skies also aims to promote and encourage youth involvement and participation by providing rewarding learning experiences that empower children, inspire confidence and instill self worth.

A – AWARENESS Infinite Skies Awareness Programs are dedicated to inspiring community involvement, addressing subject matter concerning children, and promoting awareness of children’s issues through our volunteer programs, educational seminars and discussion clubs as well as our website and newsletter.

C – CULTURE I-Skies Culture and Creativity Programs include a series of activities and field trips designed to provide exposure to the arts and music, promote cultural awareness and inspire creativity and confidence. Programs include group lessons, activities and concerts that provide exposure to and teach the basics of various forms of the arts and culture (music, art, dance, acting, comedy, creative writing, languages, etc.), reading and discussion clubs for children and book readings as well as talent groups, competitions, scholarships and tuition for various forms of the arts.

H – HEALTH Infinite Skies Health Programs are designed to improve the physical and emotional well being of children and promote healthier happier lifestyles. Programs include uplifting entertainment and performances for children, gifts provided to ease hospital stays and lift spirits, gifts of essentials such as clothing, and a pet assisted therapy program (Kittens 4 Kids) that adopts cats (and provides all supplies/veterinary care) for seriously ill children to promote better physical and mental health with companionship and love.