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About Us

Mission and Purpose Statement

CASY & MSCCN’s mission is straightforward: we provide military service members, veterans, transitioning military, Guard and Reserves, military spouses and caregivers of war wounded with employment readiness and job placement solutions. We do this by offering high-touch employment and training services that prepare the individual for employment through resume assistance, translating skills and experience, identifying gap skills solutions, and offering training on networking, social media, interview preparedness, and other topics that aid them in the job search process. We then connect qualified and prepped military-affiliated applicants directly to corporate and small business hiring recruiters for direct job placements, thus tracking our process with state of the art technology, which provides real-time metrics.


Corporate America Supports You (CASY) and the Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) were chartered in 2012 and 2004 respectively as private sector non-profit organizations with the mission to provide no-cost employment readiness, vocational training, and one-on-one job placement services for National Guard, Reserves, transitioning service members, veterans, military spouses, homeless female veterans, war wounded and caregivers of war wounded. CASY and MSCCN function as one Military job-placement unit serving two target audiences. Where CASY offers an outlet for Military and Military affiliates, MSCCN focuses on spouses of Military, and Military caregivers. CASY-MSCCN operates as an employment partner to all branches of the Armed Forces, including the National Guard and Coast Guard, through Memoranda of Understanding (MOU). All of our employment and training programs are supported by solid partnerships with major corporations, job-recruiters, mid-size companies, and small businesses that provide employment opportunities for our Military-affiliated job seekers. Our state-of-the-art Gateway technology, built by Kenexa/IBM, provides real-time, verifiable tracking and outcome reports to our employment partners, Military, and donors. Through our employment-readiness training, job-placement services, and our Military to Civilian Jobs Network Alliance Campaign, CASY-MSCCN works one-on-one with our employment partners and funders in order to reduce the unemployment rate of our Military and Military affiliates. CASY-MSCCN is committed to breaking barriers in employment for Military, spouses, and veteran communities; increasing training, assistance, and employment opportunities for all military-affiliated job seekers. By pursuing these objectives, we will serve those who serve us.

Career Corps Volunteer Program

Career Corps serves as a stepping stone for military spouse and veteran job seekers. The program provides current work experience, training to develop transitional skills, recent industry experience to fill gaps in their experience and grow professionally.

With unemployment in the United States remaining at high levels, competition for available positions is fierce. Due to the high levels of unemployment the market is saturated with skilled workers for employers to choose from, each posting often has hundreds of applicants. Making it difficult for those within the military and veteran communities without direct or recent industry experience to find and secure employment. The Military Spouse Corporate Career Network (MSCCN) set the bar in the creation of Career Corps. Career Corps takes the typical volunteer program to the next level by providing current work experience, advanced skill training, professional development, networking, and mentor-ship while assisting each CC Member with employment readiness and placement.